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The Years 2012-2014, Sparse and Serene Ending

During the last two years of his life, Coulon reinvented his art with the aid of scraps of colored paper, which he tore up and arranged into compositions. Though he was now confined to a wheelchair, the joy of creating with his hands stimulated and refreshed his mental faculties, still lively and alert. On sheets of heavy paper, he rewrote his universe, fervent in the ecstasy of its color and light. On a deceptively plain ground, colors fitted together in the space that had been layered between the pieces of paper, deliberately out of kilter and paradoxically treated as pieces in a playful and wayward jigsaw. This group of works expressed a serenity achieved through sparseness.

Lydia Harambourg, "Jean-Michel Coulon" (published by Gourcuff-Gradenigo) 
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